Election Disinformation Resource Library

This year, nearly half of the world’s population is eligible to vote.


With technology increasing the speed of information sharing and the number of disinformation case studies piling up, how do we keep our communities and ourselves safe? The purpose of this resource library is to empower individuals to learn, understand, and detect disinformation. Whether it’s for personal knowledge, sharing with friends and family, classroom game resource pulling, or community outreach, we hope you’ll find a helpful piece here during this pivotal year. The information is organized into easily digestible learning tracks, complemented with fun, interactive quizzes for enhanced comprehension.


Wishing you an informed and empowered decision-making this election season.

Disinformation Tactics

Explore the strategic utilization of psychological manipulation, information voids, and social media strategies to disseminate disinformation. Aimed at educating users to recognize their own biases and how groups target natural human and machine vulnerabilities.

Election Disinformation

Past disinformation campaigns attacking U.S. elections offer clear examples of how adversaries strategize and attack democratic institutions. With this track we delve into past election case studies to unravel adversarial methods of dissemination, organizations’ analysis and detection work, and strategies that are adjusted to protect from attacks like these in the future.

Media and Election Literacy

The “How to Protect Yourself” guide: specifically crafted for individuals looking to bolster their defenses against disinformation. This track equips individuals with practical tactics to inoculate against deceptive narratives while also offering valuable insights into safeguarding electoral processes.

Desinformación y Tú

Esta sección ha sido diseñada para que la gente hispanohablante tenga la oportunidad de aprender sobre tácticas de desinformación, desinformación electoral y sobre cómo protegerse contra la desinformación.

This resource library was brought to you by Liz Wong, Lauren Hormiga and Jocelyn Castanon. We welcome your input and look forward to supporting your educational journey.