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#Connexions Conference April 10-12

#Connexions Conference April 10-12

From April 10-12, 2023, The University of Texas at Austin will host the #Connexions Conference on global media in diplomacy and foreign policy. #Connexions will create an international space for discourse on modern media and technology in state affairs to help address the critical need for informed and expert leadership in the information sphere, promoting a safer and healthier digital environment that in turn shapes the direction of history. Of main focus will be the chaos of information itself and how it informs and impedes the creation, execution, and communication of policy and the effective conduct of diplomacy. Academics, policymakers, and media practitioners will convene to address the key issues of our ever-evolving media environment, including fake news, disinformation, social media, cyber warfare, artificial intelligence, and the vulnerabilities of technologies that govern and drive global connectivity.

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