UT Austin faculty are encouraged to bring their research proposals and ideas to GDIL.

We have two options:

Faculty who have an active project but feel they could utilize the structure and assistance GDIL can offer


Faculty who have an idea for a project but might want some assistance developing it and finding students to support the research.

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Students at UT Austin who work on research projects at GDIL gain as much as they give.

  • Gain real research experience
  • Learn new skills and methods
  • Meet other student researchers
  • Connect with faculty at UT Austin
  • Network with external clients

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External Partners

Some of our most vibrant projects have been brought to us by our external partners. We’re proud to have recently worked with federal research centers, national and local intelligence services, and international NGOs, among others.

We welcome collaborations outside of the University of Texas as we’re able to bring our unique services and skills to institutions that may not have the same time or abilities to put into a project. It is also an amazing chance for our student researchers to learn from and network with professionals in industries and organizations that they may connect with for future opportunities.

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Support GDIL Financially

We believe that the work GDIL is doing is some of the most important in our current society. We strive to impartially identify and highlight misinformation and disinformation in a growing number of areas to help generate policy recommendations. At the same time, we are proud to give students an education in real-world research techniques and an opportunity to explore how these skills can be used in their future careers while simultaneously networking with professionals who might need such talents in the near future.

If you believe in the work we are doing and want to support the Global Disinformation Lab and its students, contact us form more information about a financial gift to UT Austin/GDIL.

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